[NTLK] Programming to get Graphics

Simon Bell simonbell at me.com
Thu Apr 1 06:11:55 EDT 2010

On 1 Apr 2010, at 03:33, Doug Denby wrote:

> I know that it is a bit map image created using NewtPaint, copied  
> and pasted into the notePad.

And very interesting that so much extra information should be stored  
in the icon! But, as you say, no help to you...

> I do see several items within diamond brackets. I assume that  
> somehow I have to access the data referenced within these reference  
> spots. You will note that the bits slot is not as you indicated.

That’s right. In this case the icon’s bits slot contains a binary  
object of class 'pixels, which is a PixelMap. (See NewtonQD.h in my  
Newton.framework, <http://homepage.mac.com/simonbell/framework/>)  
That’s the data you need to image.

> P.S. Is it possible to just connect to the dock app on the Newton?

You need to implement a handshake using encryption. It’s not trivial.  
Have you considered writing a plug-in for NCX? I can give you help  
with that. BTW, my development version of NCX can export Notes sketches.

> Where can I find the documentation on what commands it will respond  
> to, and what data it will kick out in response to those commands?

The docking protocol is described in a document called ‘Dante  
Connection Protocol’ which at the moment I can’t locate on the web,  
but Eckhart has a redacted version of it on his website, <http://40hz.org/Pages/Newton%20Docking%20Protocol 
 >. It does contain errors (!) so I can send you my edited copy if you  


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