[NTLK] OT: Mossberg gives thumbs up to iPad

Ryan newtontalk at me.com
Fri Apr 2 17:29:20 EDT 2010

The point about shakey video relates to video conferencing on things  
like Skype.  But also, most people would not use the iPad as a camera  
to take pictures of things, or a video recorder to record video. It's  
the wrong form factor.

So looking at this, a camera does not appear to be a good fit for the  
iPad, except those times when it's docked for video conferencing. It's  
a better fit on the iPhone or their laptops and desktops.

This is why criticisms of no camera are sort of moot for me. I  
wouldn't say no to a camera, but it's clear the platform is not very  
compatible with a one.

Thank you,

Sent from Mobile
> I agree that cell phone footage usually isn't the best in terms of  
> video quality, but I'm not necessarily convinced that "suboptimal"  
> is the same as "not worth having."
>> And when you add these things, you increase weight and design
>> complexity, and reduce battery life and increase costs.
> I agree entirely: the more features, the greater the manufacturing  
> cost, the greater the power drain, etc.
> At the same time, I think it's worth

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