[NTLK] OT: Mossberg gives thumbs up to iPad

Riccardo Mori rick at newted.org
Fri Apr 2 19:16:26 EDT 2010

quoth James Fraser:

> As far as the iPad being the wrong form factor for a camera, I'm not convinced there is any way to know this until Apple decides to incorporate a camera into it (if they ever do).  

While it may make sense to put a user-facing iSight in a future iteration of the iPad, a camera like the one on the iPhone seems just wrong to me. Not only for the form factor, but also from a usability standpoint. How are you supposed to take pictures? Holding the iPad in the air with two hands like a protester holds a sign? Or, worse, with just one hand? The iPad is not exactly a lightweight device when you try using it like that. And how should the viewfinder be? Fullscreen? If it is fullscreen you must hold the iPad away from you, with an outstretched arm, to be able to frame the subject properly. These are only the first ideas coming to mind when considering the matter. Of course I could be wrong, but a camera on the iPad feels impractical to me.


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