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> ...                                                      So there will
> almost always be something better in the future.  You have to weigh that
> "loss" against the "gain" of having immediate and longer use of the technology
> if you purchase early, and there's no one right answer, since it depends on
> both the actual and the individual's perceived degrees of loss and gain.
> Personally, I tend to be an early adopter, though I'm entirely consistent.
> I've sometimes let software go a couple of bug releases before jumping in.

You're right; when to buy and when to wait is a tough one to be sure about.
I used to be an early adopter until I got tired of paying to be other
people's beta tester.   But sometimes it's hard to decide.

When I got my first Pismo, it seemed like a good time because the previous
generations of G3 powered laptops had already done the hard work as guinea
pigs for certain ideas.  OTOH the Pismo was so different in key ways it was
for all intents and purposes "new".  I did *briefly* consider holding out
one more generation, but when I saw the first G4 I was glad I didn't wait.
It's just preference.

By contrast, I know fine well the iPhone still isn't what I need yet.  And
the iPad?  Well, I reckon I'll benefit from waiting.  :-)

Incidentally, I don't mind that there will almost always be something better
in the future.  I expect it.  The bit I mind is when the whole world and its
wife knows fine well that Features A and B "ought" to be in iBlah v.1.0, but
that it won't be added until at least v.2.0 or maybe even 3.0.  It niggles,
and to the degree that it's possible to guestimate the likelihood that this
is happening, it's possible to guess whether it's best to wait.  For myself,
when in doubt, I wait.


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