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As others have mentioned, it's really sort of a iPhone/iTouch v.1.2,  
with the biggest difference being the screen size.  That said, it does  
require that the apps be written to support the bigger, better  
resolution screen of the iPad.  With apps written for the iPad screen,  
there will, no doubt be new apps that grow out of the iPad  
'experience', perhaps, even the 'killer app' that all the talking  
heads say is missing from the machine.  I still haven't touched one,  
and am holding my opinion on the thing until I do, but it may be  
something that I'll find useful once I get my paws on one.

As for the phone.  We were in the same boat when the first iPhone came  
out.  We were under contract to another company, and when our contract  
ended, the 3G had just come out, so we got the advantage of an OS and  
hardware boost by waiting.  You'll no doubt be able to take advantage  
of at least a hardware refresh by the time your phone contract is up,  
I bet it's worth the wait.

Gene Beaird,
Pearland, Texas

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>>> My iPad just arrived too.. wow..
>> Okay...so here's a question for all of those who have already  
>> ordered and are receiving their iPads....
>> The general consensus (amongst many tech-minded individuals) is  
>> that you don't buy version 1.0 of anything...hardware or software.
>> *AHEM*, having said that--why are you buying what is essentially  
>> v1.0?
>> NOW, I KNOW that none of you actually SAID that (at least, on the  
>> record)...but what you are doing is playing, uh, heck out of my  
>> decision-making process.
>> I was thinking about getting an iPhone...but I am under contract  
>> with my current service provider until 8/19/10 (and there's a $200  
>> ETF [early termination fee]...so I started thinking: why not get an  
>> iPad now (or, in the forseeable future)? Then, when the BlackBerry  
>> contract is up, just go with the iPhone straight away.
>> SO...what can you tell me about v1.0?
>> Thanks,
>> --Forrest
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