[NTLK] The iPas is great, but...

Carlos Pessoa carlos.pessoa at gmail.com
Tue Apr 6 10:38:48 EDT 2010

I do miss a LOT Newton's "Notes" application... I have not found
anything similar for the iPad or iPhone.
If you add the SuperNotepad package to it, it becomes perfect. How
come no one could develop something similar to the iPhone OS
platform?? It would be a killer app. Even Apple could include the very
same application built-in in the iPhone OS.
I would love to see all those great functionalities built-in in one
single iPad/iPhone app:

- outline mode: very easy indent options, bullets or number or letters
- check lists
- support to bullet point drag-and-drop (including all children bullets)
- Stationary support
- ability to draw freehand or shapes (with ability to resize them)
- hand-write recognition
- ink text support
- ability to write anywhere on the screen, including shapes a freehand drawing

Is it that difficult? This app has been around since Newton OS 2.0 and
even in 2010 no one could match its functionality...
If I only could program, I guess I would be rich!! :)

For everything else, I am loving the iPad. Of course, a MoreInfo-like
application would be awesome, but I understand the lack of a soup-like
database makes it difficult to develop.

best regards,

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