[NTLK] OT: iPad vs. MS Courier: Sound Off

Steven Goldberg spgoldberg at mac.com
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Hi Ryan,
The almighty clip board is still around. We all have held 'em and used 'em.
They aren't too heavy. They aren't too unwieldy. They are prehistoric! 

Well now we have a clip board that rocks! Now we have what Space Travelers
will use. Captain Kirk and Spock would kill for this baby! Doctors making
rounds will use 'em. Estimators in every industry that have to go out in the
field will use 'em. Insurance, Construction, Designers, for example. The
list goes on and on.

Children will interact with them. They will draw on them, read books on
them, create and write on them. They might never pick them up to do all

Artists and photographers will use them ... and folks who want to give a
slide presentation will love to use 'em! 

I plan on using mine like I hold a book or magazine, or flat on a table - or
similar surface. And I can't wait for the 3G's to ship!

People bitching that it's too heavy to hold and read don't read for a living
like I do. I often spend time reading heavy textbooks - some illustrated -
some not - and this sucker will be waaaay lighter than they are! In fact
from now on; because the publishers will move to this platform; on those
textbooks will all weigh exactly the same as an iPad! And I will be able to
cut and paste, call up a dictionary, email, geeez - don't you get it?

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Hi Steve:

Thanks for chiming in.  I used the Slashdot review as a representation of
the more discouraging reviews.  And as I mentioned, the snippet was from the
comments section of the Slashdot review: those are not my comments.

And I don't necessarily think the iPad is too heavy.  I am undecided.  I am
just seeing a trend of people stating this in their reviews.  And I wanted
to share it here to see what people think of that.  So I am more reporting
the news than anything.  The one thing that is certain is the physics of it:
the iPad is much larger than a Newton.  So holding it in your hand is going
to cause more stress up your arm because of weight distribution.  That's why
I posted that bit about the person commenting on the physics of the device.

Some quotes from around the web... not mine:

"But it's simply not light enough (a Kindle ebook reader is about 10 ounces)
and that heft adds to the awkwardness. Holding the iPad in one hand for more
than a few minutes to watch a movie or read an ebook results in tired
wrists. Even holding it with two hands to read an ebook is tiring. Reading
an ebook on a smartphone is ergonomically much more practical."

"The iPad is sleek-and heavy. It's not an easy one-handed read on the go-or
even sitting."

``If you're looking to spend money on something more versatile, then you
definitely want to go with a laptop,''

"As for negatives, Yurechko said he's not happy that the iPad doesn't
multitask - only one program can run at a time - and is a little heavy, at
about two-thirds of a kilogram. That weight gets burdensome over time, he

"The weight: The iPad was heavier than I imagined, weighing 1.5 lbs +
however much the iPad cover weighs. Obviously its still not too heavy, but
it must get tiring trying to hold that while watching a two hour movie."





Thank you,


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