[NTLK] OT: iPad vs. MS Courier: Sound Off

Steven Goldberg spgoldberg at mac.com
Wed Apr 7 18:25:38 EDT 2010

You are correct that present iPads are not as robust as a toughbook ...
Dude! Design a tough rubber sleeve for one! Make a gazillion dollars! Write
the iPad app for the specialized forms these field guys fill out on their
clip boards! Or that nurses fill out, or Dr's, or inventory clerks, or
delivery drivers ... 

I totally agree that the Kindles and the Sony eReaders work well to just
read a book ... and you know what? Their prices are comin' down now!

Time will tell - and not too much time will be needed!

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This is all great...

Most of us I would think read textbooks on a desk.  For books of the smaller
kind, Kindles and Sony eReaders have pretty good utility.

As for uses of the iPad.  I don't think you will see too many of them out in
the field.  The reason is that they aren't robust enough.  We need
toughbooks for that.

Which leads me to something: why aren't computers/tablets waterproof?  All
these years and there has not been much evolution in that space, even though
Apple has layered rubber in their stuff to make them water resistant.

Thank you,


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