[NTLK] Odd MP Card Death

Ross Deihm adventuresindining at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 15:40:16 EDT 2010

My otherwise 100% reliable MP120 (OS 1.2) just had an odd failure I thought
I would share. I generally put all my notes and programs on a large format
card (M-Systems 24MB FLASH) which provided the size I needed for the number
of programs I use. I was using Napkin Calc to make a Binary translation
table for a reference card. I entered binary for 5 (1,0,1) in column five,
when it returned a bizarre 10606 error (card read error). I cleared it, and
went right back to putting data in until the program vanished, with the same
error. I quickly ran Memory Manager in case of a bad soup, when it too froze
up. I closed that program and tested the rest of the programs on the card
which all ran fine. My notes were all available for viewing. Popped the card
out, put it back in. Now my only options according the Newton is to erase
the card (and all my data with it.) Several resets have also not solved this
problem. My older smaller 4MB card works fine.

I found all of this a bit strange since the card does WORK, but something is
so corrupt as to make it unreadable by the Newton. Any thoughts from you
more experienced Newt users?

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