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Not to play devils advocate or nothing, but I don't necessarily agree with this. I'm a big proponent of Transhumanism (wiki that phrase for a complete definition) and follow the works of Ray Kurtzweil and Dean Kamen and find their work in meshing technology and living tissue to be fascinating. 
I've been subscribed to Transhumanist News for almost as long as I have been subscribed to NewtonTalk and while I find most of the subject matter on the Transhumanist list to be way above my head, it does open my mind to unbelievable possibilities. For those who want to look at this:

Just to give you a taste of some of the latest discussions...:
A measure for the multiverse
The universe is a quantum computer
Anders Sandberg on Neuroselves and exoselves: distributed cognition inside and outside brains, 
TMS alters moral judgement
(this one is particularly fascinating!)

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With regard to all the cyborg-y implant stuff that's being discussed... always remember, just because you *can* doesn't mean you *should* ...

Normal service (even with some reference to Newtons ;) will be resumed shortly... !

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