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Fri Apr 9 17:27:15 EDT 2010

My reasoning is two-fold. 1. Yes, the Year 2010 end date did factor in. (I know there is a working patch.) and I yearn for a device that lets me do what the Newton does and with current multi-media (like an iPad Touch). So the iPad for me is the perfect combination. I do miss the handwriting recognition portion. Plus a key point in my collection is to have the devices working so that is a push for me to stop using the Newtons before I end up wrecking one through dropping or just plain over use. My reasonings may not be logical, but for me they work.

Cool 100 Macs! Awesome!


On Apr 6, 2010, at 12:11 PM, Jim Lee wrote:

>> I love my 3 Newtons but have not really been able to effectively  
>> anymore use them how I want to.
> I'm curious - what has changed to make your Newton(s) ineffective?   
> I'm assuming that, at one time, they -were- effective for you?  BTW, I  
> feel the same way but, other than the 2010 glitch, I can't put my  
> finger on -why- I feel that way...
>> My Macintosh Museum consists of 46 unique models (Mac and Next) my  
>> iPods(3), Newtons(3) are not factored in that count. No duplicates  
>> in any of those counts.
> Very nice!  I'm also a collector - my collection is somewhere upwards  
> of 100 models, including Lisas & Apple ]['s (but no NeXT).  I think I  
> have at least one of every pre-Intel Mac except for the TAM & Mac  
> Portable.  I like your idea of collecting 1.0 models!
>> I also do not have an iPhone so the iPad 3G will give me the mobile  
>> data access anywhere I crave, while my cheap crappy cell phone lets  
>> me talk to others.
> Same here - I've never had nor wanted an iPhone.  The screen is too  
> small to be useful, and I prefer a phone to be just a phone.  The iPad  
> -may- someday replace my Sony Reader and, in certain situations, my  
> Macbook Pro - but I have no immediate plans to get one.
> -Jim

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