[NTLK] New [Old] Newton Owner

Bob Carls Dudney kosmicdollop at saber.net
Sun Apr 18 09:03:53 EDT 2010

On 12/4/10, Jonathan Schalliol wrote: 
>doesn't seem to have a functional backlight

Is there a somewhat faint buzzing sound when you turn backlight on? 
If not there may be a circuit/transformer problem. I recently bought 
a supposedly minimally-used 2100 that has quite dim backlight -- 
maybe some age even without use, perhaps if stored in too much heat?

>like to connect via Ethernet (wired or wireless)

Can't help with wireless, and I didn't see mention of a wired 
Ethernet card you'd need for wired. But I could backup necessary 
wired packages to your PC card if desired. You can mail me off-list.

>  but lacking a serial cable

Others prefer Ethernet, but I prefer serial and Keystone USB adapter 
for OS X -- especially due to the wondrous NCX. No drivers nor card 
required on Newt and you can then download all other needs from 
archives. At least in past Keystones were available online, including 

IIRC someone got an S-video cable to work, but that must require some 
adapting, as it doesn't mate with my dongle. And IIRC PS2 cables (and 
ADB/keyboard cable?) also work. I might have a spare serial. -- 
Techies please excuse my lack of hardware expertise. I'm just a Mac 
guy -- though a rather disgruntled one.

Ethernet is nice if one wants to connect to net, of course. I chose 
my ISP over decade ago because they were the only ones Newt would 
handshake with via dial-up, but no longer works, so ethernet only way 
for me now.

>I would have my supreme gratitude!

Is that sorta like eating ones cake too? :-)

>use a OS 9 PowerBook G3 with PC Card slots to get software on this?

Nope, Macs don't read/write to Newt card format.

But OS 9 provides lots more options for connecting. (Another of many 
ways Apple devolved under Jobs -- I admit not entirely: protected 
memory is nice, and iWorks is better than AppleWorks in many ways. 
But what can ya expect from a neanderthal who can't get pen 

Happy Newtoning!


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