[NTLK] (no subject)

James Littlejohn narguthru at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 19 18:37:21 EDT 2010


New here, just got an eMate 300 and trying to install Newton Connection Utilities 2.0 (and upgrade to 2.03) on Win XP machine. I modified the System.INI file with the DEVICE=C:\NEWTON\TSIVID.386 in the [386Enh] section but when I run the NCU, it still says the file isn't modified, and also it says it cannot open NEWTON.EX_, even though that file is there in the install directory.

I have the serial cable but without the install it doesn't matter much. Is there a step I'm missing or is there a better way to do this, without this program or cable, maybe with a PCMCIA adapter of some sort? 

Thanks for your time and any help is greatly appreciated. 

James Littlejohn


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