[NTLK] Re: O.T.   AppleWorks vs. iWork

Don Zahniser dzahniser at rochester.rr.com
Mon Apr 19 21:06:22 EDT 2010

On 4/19/10, Yeoleman74 at aol.com wrote:

>Just for the record:
>Apple Works had its origin as Claris Works which came free with my first 
>Mac A PERFORMA 450.

Anyone interested in the history of AppleWorks/ClarisWorks might find
this page enlightening:


 - Don

>In a message dated 4/18/10 11:41:28 AM, romad at aol.com writes:
>> I use AW all the time, but I have not yet been able to use any of the
>> iWork applications easily; it is always a struggle to figure out how to
>> do something in them. Admittedly I've been using AppleWorks since 1984
>> so I should probably wait another 26 years to see how I am using the
>> iWork applications.
>> But to get back to the present, iWork is in dire need of, at the
>> minimum, a database application. Next it must be rewritten so that only
>> ONE application is installed on the computer, iWork, while the current
>> Pages, Numbers, Keynote and the future database (named Database?)
>> applications are tightly INTEGRATED as is done in AppleWorks.
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