[NTLK] How to learn NSBasic

M. Horvat redjazz_slo at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 20 15:17:26 EDT 2010

Different? What kind of problems do you get? The major two differences between NS BASIC and other BASICs are that NS BASIC uses square brackets instead of parantheses for array subscripts - A[65] instead of A(65) - and it doesn't use the the $ sign for string variables and functions - CHR(65) instead of CHR$(65). Then of course file handling is completely different since Newton OS uses soups. PEEKs and POKEs also do not work. And the ^ operator seems to be missing. You may also have difficulties porting programs written for Microsoft BASIC that use boolean logic.

I recommend Matt Howe's excellent NS BASIC Terminal. It lets you program NS BASIC programs interactively with your PC.

-Matej Horvat

> Download the sample code and start
> tearing it apart and making small changes
> to see what happens. Ask a lot of questions here. Several
> of us are
> proficient with NSBasic.

>> For a non-programmer, what's the best way to go about
>> learning NSBasic?
>> The manual is more of a reference and old Basic books seem
>> different
>> enough to not work.  Any suggestions?


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