[NTLK] On Eve of iPad 3G, Anyone Have A Motorola Marco Newton OS Device?

Jim Lee jimlee at centurytel.net
Wed Apr 21 16:48:38 EDT 2010

Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me!  I need to write an Applescript or  
something to automate the process of floppy imaging...  there are  
literally thousands of floppies here that I need to grab data from  
before they disintegrate.  :)  Of course, I already copied all the  
critical ones years ago, but now that we live in the age of terabyte  
drives, I want to recover the last 2 or 3 decades of my life :)

I was worried about magnetic degradation/oxidization a while ago, so I  
randomly sampled about 100 of those disks and only found one with a  
(minor) read error.  I guess it depends mostly on how they're stored,  
but better not to tempt fate much longer...


On Apr 21, 2010, at 1:07 PM, Ed Kummel wrote:

> NP. This zip file has been sitting on my server since...well, I  
> can't remember when! I had it originally in floppy disk, but when I  
> saw that computers weren't coming with floppy drives anymore, I  
> converted all my floppy disks over onto my hard drive. Hence, they  
> are now all sitting on my server!
> Ed
> web/gadget guru

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