[NTLK] ATA driver questions

Leo Titus LeBron V iamdigitalman at mac.com
Mon Apr 26 22:02:07 EDT 2010

Hi guys. My adventures with my newtons are on hold until I can get 
another emate, and possibly a 2100. I also need another wireless router 
(or another power adapter for this bridge device I have so I can turn 
the wireless router I have now back into a router from it's current 
bridging duties). my main home network is WPA2 personal, with MAC 
filtering and no SSID broadcast, to make it really secure. However, the 
lowly wavelans can't do anything past WEP, and my gold card is all I have.

Anyway, I was at my local biglots, and to my shock, they have some 
bloody cheap compact flash cards. They had some microSDs, but those are 
gone, but there are some CFs left. They are Kingston 4gb compact flash 
cards, for $4 each (!). By comparison, the same cards are $18 at my 
local Micro Center.

My question is will these work with the ATA driver? I am using an old 
Compaq brand PCMCIA adapter, and a 128mb card. This has been fine, but I 
want to start to store some music on my newton, and play it with madmax. 
So, I need some serious storage. I know I won't be able to store my 
whole music collection on there right now (which tops out at 23gb), I 
can at least store a portion of it on there.

Also, I have the 2000, and want the 2100, because I am constantly 
freezing the thing up because I have so much software overloading the 
1mb of RAM. But, searching the archives, I saw someone mentioned a 
program years ago called heap magic, which seemed to do EXACTLY what I 
want. Take some of the flash memory, and turn it into heap. Sounds like 
swap space, or virtual memory. But, upon searching UNNA, I can't find a 
thing. Did ever a program exist, or is this just a pipe dream? This 
would solve my low ram woes so I don't have to save my pennies for a new 
newton (to be frank, I think my 2000 was the deal of the century, and I 
have grown attached to it.)

Thanks in advance.

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