[NTLK] setting up my spare NEWTON

Andrei Chichak newton at chichak.ca
Wed Apr 28 14:54:42 EDT 2010

On 2010-April-28, at 6:44 AM, Dr. James Charney wrote:

> HI---after 12 years my original 2100 Newton has bit the dust.  More specifically, the touch screen no longer registers correctly--you tap here, it registers the tap somewhat randomly somewhere else.  Makes the Newton unusable.

Take one of your business cards and run it around the edge of the screen, between the screen and the bezel. Lift up the edge of the bezel and insert the card, run the card around the periphery of the screen. This either removes the accumulated hand goo or simply relieves the pressure of the bezel on the screen. This will fix the problem for a while. 

Next, do a backup.

Finally, if it all works, send me a sweat shirt, I don't have one from Yale.


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