[NTLK] setting up my spare

Dr. James Charney james.charney at yale.edu
Wed Apr 28 15:54:08 EDT 2010

Hi--thanks for the many helpful responses.  i tried Andrei's suggestion of cleaning out the edges of the screen--and it helped, though the screen is still a bit erratic.   But it does make it possible for me to use my Newton.
	I could put a backup on a card---but it sounds like that might not work to get the 2010 bug patch installed.
	i want to get the spare up and running though---cause I think my regular Newton is on borrowed time.
	Ron pointed me to the link to make a Y 2010 card---but I think my best bet would be if I can borrow a Lender card as Ron suggested, to both fix the 2010 bug and also make sure my spare Newton has the needed software for my Ethernet connection.
	So can someone lend me a Y2010 Fix card?
	Also---I mentioned that the spare Newton did not recognize my 3Com ethernet card.    Will the Lender card have the software to make my 3com card (3CXE589ET) work?  If not, what else would I need?

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