[NTLK] setting up my spare NEWTON

Woody Smith woodysmith at comcast.net
Thu Apr 29 01:24:28 EDT 2010

Assuming that you have all necessary extensions on the internal store  
then a Linear flash card backup and restore will make the new newton  
almost the same as the old one.  Brainwipping the spare with the 2010  
issue will be necessary before restoring.

System patches will still need to be installed so don't set the clock  
past 2009 till you install the patch.
Any packages that are linked to the serial number will need to be re  

Swapping logic boards will also get the job done 100%.


On Apr 28, 2010, at 7:44 AM, Dr. James Charney wrote:

> HI---after 12 years my original 2100 Newton has bit the dust.  More  
> specifically, the touch screen no longer registers correctly--you  
> tap here, it registers the tap somewhat randomly somewhere else.   
> Makes the Newton unusable.
> 	I thought I was clever, knowing how important my Newton was to my  
> daily routine---I use MoreInfo as my primary office appointment  
> scheduler-- so a few years ago I purchased a spare Newton on Ebay.   
> A spare in pristine condition.  I thought I could just move the  
> storage card with all my info on it to the spare Newton, and I would  
> be OK.
> 	Not so.  The data is there, no problem.  But, the spare Newton will  
> not recognize my 3Com PC XJack card, which I use to have an Ethernet  
> connection to my Mac for backup, etc.
> 	And then, I discovered that my spare has the 2010 bug (of course!)  
> so it won't let me do appointments into this year or set the proper  
> year in the Clock.  Of course, to put the patch into the spare to  
> correct this, I need the Ethernet card to work.  Catch 22!
> 	I thought I could copy extensions and utilities from my disabled  
> Newton onto a PC storage card and then put that card in the spare.   
> But I realize I dont' know exactly what extensions, etc I need to  
> move---I'm don't have that level of understanding about the Newton.
> 	So , long preamble----can someone tell me what drivers, extensions,  
> etc I need to have in the spare Newton for it to recognize my 3Com  
> card, Model 3CXE589ET?   The card works fine in my damaged Newton--- 
> but is not recognized in the spare.  I need to get this working so I  
> can have my spare Newton communicate with my computer to install the  
> 2010 patch and do backups.
> 	(by the way, is the 2010 patch sitting in my Extras drawer?--I  
> couldn't locate it there when I tried to simply copy things off my  
> old Newton onto a card to put in my spare)
> 	I'ld appreciate any suggestions on how to get my spare Newton  
> current---able to recognize my Ethernet card.   I've got all my  
> schedule and names data on a storage card that I can simply move to  
> my spare---but it I can't get the spare talking to my computer I  
> can't really use it.....
> 	Thanks,
> 	James

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