[NTLK] setting up my spare NEWTON

Forrest Buffenmyer anasazi4st at me.com
Fri Apr 30 15:37:46 EDT 2010

>My question is: in order for internet access to work properly, certain packages need to be installed before other packages. Does this happen automatically when restoring, or does this need to be done manually first?
>I'll post an update with an answer to these questions a little later on, after I've successfully completed my restoration.

Okay...I've successfully completed a restoration of the data, soups, settings, packages, etc. from my overclocked MP2x00 to my just-received MP2100...and I can say that everything works fine. No need for concern over which packages need to be installed before others, for example to connect to the Internet. I would suppose that if they were installed correctly on the Source machine, then they're correctly backed up and then correctly restored on the target machine....(?)

I'm sure that with the storehouse of technical knowledge that members of the NewtonTalk list have, someone must know the answer...is data backed up the same way it was installed (priority-wise)? Is that what allows the proper restoration to take place?


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