[NTLK] More Newton Collectibles...

Maurice Sharp msharp at pobox.com
Fri Jul 9 15:52:39 EDT 2010

Hi folks,

I have some more Newton collectibles for sale. This is your change to own a bit of Newton history. Some of the items are extremely rare. Pictures are on the same page as the T-Shirts:


I have more than one of some items. All prices are per item:

3 - Green Newton Baseball Cap	$30
13 - Round Newton Pins in bags	$25
7 - eMate Pins in bags			$25
2 - I saw it, I did it... badges		$20
50 - Newton Decal Sheets			$5		(these are the ones that came in the Newton hardware box)
Lots of Newton Tattoos			$1 ea or 5 for $3
~100 Newton Stickers				$2 ea or 5 for $5
30 Newton Reverse Decal/Sticker	$2 ea or 5 for $5
3 Newton Pen/Hiliter				$8
Newton System Integrator Pen		$10

Now onto the extremely rare (again, prices per item):
Internal team Quark (MP130) Yo-Yo		$100
5 - Newton, Inc. Stickers 4"x5"				$10
4 - Starcore Stickers						$5 
2 - Sweda Newton Watch (needs battery)	$30

Buyer pays for shipping. The cost will be the cost of shipping plus a small amount to cover packing materials and time (if needed). If you ship via mail, that is usually not very expensive.

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