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Actually if you comb the internet there are ways to get a powermac g4/g5 with 10.5 to install/run the iphone dev tools and simulator but there are issues IIRC so it would only really work for limited dev work, then you'd have to transfer your code to an Intel Mac to put the finish on and submit it to apple. That being said, when I looked into doing iphone dev work on a ppc machine  iphone os was still around 2.x and I don't think 10.6 was out yet. Personally I got a netbook to start toying with iphone dev (cheapest way to play) and recently got a used 2006 Mac mini now that I'm looking at it more seriously (cheapest way to work). If you get an early core duo Mac mini and slap a low end core2duo and 2gb of memory it makes a fast little machine for around $400-$450 that's close to current stuff(depending on your view of current lol, do you read Lowend Mac? I do! ). If you watch ebay for a few days you can find a couple cheap 1gb memory modules and a core 2 duo chip pulled from upgraded or parted out systems. My mini cost around 360 with shipping plus about 70 total for the two 1gb memory modules and a c2d cpu (all from different sellers of course), so about $430 for my rig, not too bad a price since new Mac minis haven't been $499 since the g4 units and waiting on apple refurb units to pop up is tiresome :-( sorry if it went a little OT.

-Joe Reilly
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On 11 Jul 2010, at 20:46, Matt Howe wrote:

> Part of my interest is that the company I work for is starting to
> develop an iPhone app and that development has fallen to me although  
> we did
> hire an outside group to do the framework, it is my job to "pretty"  
> it up.
> So I guess the IBMac will stay at OS 9.

Just as well you did—you can’t develop iPhone apps on PowerPC  
Macintoshes, or Macintoshes with less than OS X 10.5 Leopard.

— dpk

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