[NTLK] Win2k and NPDS

Tony Kan tonykan at xtra.co.nz
Mon Jul 12 01:24:23 EDT 2010

Yay, I'm registered on the Misato tracker and you can get to my NPDS Server on

The problem was a combination of using http:// in the tracker server address and
something wrong with my manual configuration in Internet Setup.  Going back to
using DHCP did the trick.

Much thanks to Grant H for his invaluable assistance.


Tony Kan

New Zealand

> Also, make sure you're not including http:// or the port number as
> part of the tracker server address.
> Here's a link to screenshot of the settings I'm using for my Tracker
> Client right now. Keep in mind that my Newton has a static IP address
> and is connected directly to the internet, outside of my router.
> http://cl.ly/1cgu

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