[NTLK] [ANN] Y2010 + Y2008 fix for 2x00US Newtons

Dale A. Raby daleraby at gmail.com
Fri Jul 16 20:47:09 EDT 2010


OK, as I understand this, I need to install the patch remover package and then install the new patch.

Unfortunately, I no longer have serial synching capability.  I have a Fedora 11 Linux machine... which is pretty much useless on the Newton side... and a Newton2100 that has a functional Newtscape package.

Patch Remover seems to come in a .zip file.  My Linux machine can unzip it, but I am unaware of any method of unzipping this file on the Newton OS.

Can somebody please explain to me in real short words what I must do to get my Newton functional again?  Can I somehow download the required packages from my Linux machine via Ethernet?  Can I snail mail a flash memory card someplace to get the required packages put on it?

Thanks, and please forgive the stupid questions,  I freely admit to being an old goat unable to keep up with technology.  This is perhaps why I generally stick to blacksmithing.

"Nothing is ever so bad that it couldn't be worse, and if it could be worse than it is, then maybe its not so bad!"

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