[NTLK] Taking notes on a 2100

Tony Kan tonykan at xtra.co.nz
Sat Jul 17 18:04:01 EDT 2010

You can highlight whole sections or paragraphs and swipe up the middle, thereby
capitalizing all that is highlighted.

Another way is to hilight the word, and then draw a vertical line
> through the first word, swiping up. This should capitalize the first
> letter of the word. If you swipe up in the middle of the word, the
> whole word will be capitalized, I think. I forget, though, if you do
> it there, or on the last letter of the word. Play with this, and see
> how it works, but swiping up and down changes capitalization.

One of the manuals suggests not to do too many expansions as this can slow the
Newton down quite a bit.  However I've got about half a dozen and haven't
noticed any difference.

I also do


the trick is to find trigger codes that aren't similar to normally used words.

> One last suggestion I would make to help is to make some expansions
> for punctuation. I have several in my Newton: I chose to use the
> forward slash (/) and add a letter or two. You have to exaggerate the
> slash, making it taller and very slanted, to make sure it's recognized
> as a forward slash, but here are my shortcuts:



Tony Kan

New Zealand

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