[NTLK] Something you might want to check out...

David Kendal dpkendal at dpk.org.uk
Fri Jul 30 19:21:14 EDT 2010

On 31 Jul 2010, at 00:11, Frank Gruendel wrote:

> Be aware that - just like myself - my offspring isn't a native  
> speaker before you have a close look
> at the spelling...

It all looks like good English to me.

> For someone who's barely past elementary school it's surprisingly  
> good, though.
> 	<http://www.pda-soft.de/en/thisandthat/comics/comics.html>

Adorable. That kid's got a future as a comic artist.

> PS This is how I hope every page of pda-soft will be one day. No  
> tables, no frames, no traces of the
> stupid html code generated by Fusion. Just plain HTML and CSS. No  
> text in images that can't be
> resized.

Great that you're moving into the age of standards-based design -- but  
1997 called and they want their frameset back.

> If this page doesn't look good in your browser, please send me a  
> screendump along with info on a)
> browser b) browser version and c) OS

Looks good to me in both Safari 5.0.1 and Camino.

> Enjoy!
> Frank

— dpk.

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