[NTLK] Building WaiterHelper

Peter Leonard pleonard at gmail.com
Thu Mar 4 02:50:08 EST 2010

So the first edition of the 1994 book by McKeehan and Rhodes, Programming
for the Newton, walks you through building an application called
"WaiterHelper" as a means of introducing you to the NTK. I've googled around
and can't find a downloadable copy of this application anywhere, but surely
someone somewhere must have built and distributed it, if only as a lark? If
not, I suppose I'll upload the package that I end up with.

This 1994 book is the predecessor to the volumes available here:
http://www.pda-soft.de/programmingbooks.html ... it targets NOS 1.x, which
is what runs on the OMP I bought in 1993. :) However the app should still
run on NOS 2.x, and I can verify that on Einstein, I suppose...

I'm doing my development work on a PowerBook 520, which I'm about to upgrade
from 25 to 33mhz so NTK runs a bit faster... the bitmap artwork is being
prepared in Photoshop 1.0.7.

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