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reilly001os at aol.com reilly001os at aol.com
Fri Mar 5 05:03:30 EST 2010

We actually converge on a lot of ideas about this. I too wish apple would see that some freedom (like user documents) will go a long way for pushing devices. I guess their partnership with publishers will play a big roll in how they handle self publishing. 

>I want them to realize that there has been a massive
>blurring of enterprise customers and 
>average consumers/working professionals.

I wanted to mention this myself in my last reply but I couldn't come up with how to say it. RIM's blackberry crossover success made me think about how the iphone and ipad could make the reverse crossover from consumer to enterprise if apple would let them since the user category lines are so blurred.

I dunno but I was playing "price your dream machine" earlier today an $2500 for the "full-openness" of a mod book with 4gb ram and a 160gb ssd doesn't look so bad compared to the price of a larger screened macbook pro especially if I can do what ever I want with it, so maybe I'll have to save my pennies for one. They do need a cool keyboard dock like the ipad for it though.

Joe Reilly

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