[NTLK] [OT] New Intel Classmate PC

Tony Kan tonykan at xtra.co.nz
Fri Mar 5 18:24:17 EST 2010

Before embarking on all that work, I would like to see a risk assessment in
regards to infringing on any intellectual property rights held by Apple or by
anyone else for that matter.

One of the problems we face in recreating a Newton environment on any other
platform is that Apple holds so many patents on how things are done in the
Newton.  For example, the horizontal line that creates a new item in Notes is
patented.  Imagine how many other things such as this could also be patented and
you get the problem.

This is one of the reasons why designing a Newton-like UI by Apple's competitors
is really difficult.  You can't mimic gestures without running this risk is
another example.



New Zealand

So my question is, what would be necessary to make the Newton
OS workable on full-blown hardware in the light of all the things we expect
of our computers that we never asked of our Newtons?

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