[NTLK] SubVersion Game?

SteveCraft steve at craftsathome.net
Fri Mar 12 09:35:23 EST 2010

Thanks, I have been in contact with Jason Harper about another matter
(related to the Mattel JuiceBox), and didn't want to overload him. It also
doesn't look like he has the "rights" to it either. Wayback Machine and
Google searches have come up dry as well for me.

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--- On Thu, 3/11/10, SteveCraft <steve at craftsathome.net> wrote:

> Looking around for SubVersion by
> Jason Harper. Does anyone know where it
> might be?



...seems to be Jason Harper's homepage, with a contact email address at the
bottom.  Have you tried here?

Granted, the page hasn't been updated in a while.  However, if the contact
email given doesn't work, you can always try a whois lookup on the domain.


James Fraser

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