[NTLK] Enabling serial channel 3 on newton interconnect port

Bhavishya Goel bhavishya.goel at gmail.com
Sat Mar 13 01:36:19 EST 2010


I am trying to use the serial channel 3 available on the Newton Interconnect
Port of Messagepad 2100. But I am not sure how to enable it. The Newton
Interconnect guide says that one should refer to Newton Programmer's guide
to know how to access this channel. But the Newton Programmer's Guide and
Newton programmer's reference are totally silent about differentiating
between different serial channels either on the interconnect port or
internal serial slot. After rummaging through the two said manuals for some
time, I guessed that "serial chip location" (kCMOSerialHWChipLoc) option
mentioned in chapter 24 was the way to go,  but it doesn't explicitly talk
about different channels. I tried changing the different values for this
option, but I didn't see any activity on serial channel 3 (only on serial
channel 0). Can someone tell me how can I tell Newton to use serial channel
3 instead of channel 0 on the interconnect port and how to drive the
InternalMdmSelect signal?


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