[NTLK] [ANN] Y2010 Lender Card and Readme v1.01

R A Parker RAParker at Newted.ORG
Sun Mar 14 18:41:28 EDT 2010

An updated Y2010 Lending Card and Readme are now available. This  
updated lending card adds Apple's latest ROM patches for all German  
MessagePads (MP120 v2.0, MP130, MP2x00 and eMate 300). Also added in  
this update is Avi Drissman's Fix2010.pkg for helping the MP120 v2.0  
and MP130 to cope with dates beyond 2010.

The Y2010 Lending Card Readme eBook. This NewtonPress e-book is  
available for direct download (to your Newton) in Classic Newton  
format here:


The Y2010 Fix Lending Card backup file. This backup file was created  
with Newton Connection Utilities (NCU) running under Mac OS Classic  
and compressed (.sit) with Stuffit.

(File Size: 1,075K)

This backup file is designed to be restored to a Linear Flash card of  
2MB minimum in size. Restoring the data from this backup will replace  
everything in the InOut Box's storage on this card. So, be aware of  
what this means before restoring this backup. To create a Lending Card  
for sending to someone else, erase the card first and then restore the  
backup. Once restored, write-protect the card prior to lending it out.

The files in this backup will update any NOS v2 Newton to the most  
current version ROM, as well as restore NIE, Ethernet and WiFi  
functionality to a bootstrapped Newton. Supported Newtons include the  
U.S. and German MP120 v2.0, MP130, MP2x00 and the eMate.

Additional utilities have also been included to assist with Date and  
Time setting anomalies.

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