[NTLK] Who here thinks the iPad is a worthy replacement for the Newton?

Martin Gomez mmgomez at gmail.com
Fri Mar 19 11:26:51 EDT 2010

The BEST description I found about the iPad (and it was made way before it
was launched)


OTOH, I will keep using my MP2100 until Apple (or someone else) comes with a
device as comfortable to carry arround, as easy to use and as powerfull as
the Newton.
The only one i've seen that comes close to it is the Entouradge eDGe (

On Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 11:08 AM, Dennis B. Swaney <romad at aol.com> wrote:

> Lord Groundhog wrote:
> >
> > The restricted suitability of speech recognition is something I (and
> several
> > others) keep pointing out.  First, speaking practically, there are all
> kinds
> > of things that we currently can do in all kinds of public places on our
> > Newts that we'd have to stop doing by speech recogition:  writing a story
> or
> > writing poetry or composing a song or writing a personal letter making a
> > note to oneself about what kind of gift to get for one's partner or ...
>  You
> > get the idea.  Think about just these plain tasks.  If I saw someone
> > speaking poetry or a letter or whatever in my train car or sitting in a
> > café, what are my choices of response?   How about:  "How rude!"  "Must
> be
> > some kind of techno-poser"  "Show-off git!"  "recently discharged from
> the
> > local asylum"  "I think I'll move away"  etc.   it's just too ODD.  Maybe
> > I've lived in the UK too long or something, but it really is intolerably
> > rude to be in public and impose one's private or semi-private matters
> upon
> > other people who have to be where they are and would rather not be forced
> to
> > be the captive audience of a babbling stranger!
> >
> ROTFL! That describes those current yammering ninnies with Borg implants
>  running around!
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