Ryan newtontalk at me.com
Mon Mar 22 01:14:06 EDT 2010


I looked back in the NTLK archives, little bit of action on these operating systems, but not much.  I saw how someone wanted to write a program to get the Newton syncing with a NeXT machine, etc.  

Anyway, this is a bit OT.  I finally, after a long time of pondering doing it, got OpenSTEP 4.2 up and running through emulation software on my Mac Mini.

It took a lot of digging around to get things working, and trial and error, but it works.  What I am wondering is if anyone has used these operating systems, and/or if you are emulating them.  I want to get color going and increase the resolution.

At any rate, it is very interesting to be using OpenSTEP because it is the germ of OS X.

Thank you,


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