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> Hi:
> I looked back in the NTLK archives, little bit of action on these operating
> systems, but not much.  I saw how someone wanted to write a program to get the
> Newton syncing with a NeXT machine, etc.
> Anyway, this is a bit OT.  I finally, after a long time of pondering doing it,
> got OpenSTEP 4.2 up and running through emulation software on my Mac Mini.
> It took a lot of digging around to get things working, and trial and error,
> but it works.  What I am wondering is if anyone has used these operating
> systems, and/or if you are emulating them.  I want to get color going and
> increase the resolution.
> At any rate, it is very interesting to be using OpenSTEP because it is the
> germ of OS X.
> Thank you,

Hi Ryan, 

I only just saw this.  One of the guys in our Mac User Group did his degree
on something to do with operating systems, and NeXTSTEP figured largely in
one phase of his work.  As a consequence, a few years ago he ended up doing
a presentation on NeXT computers and their OS, with special reference to the
evolutionary trail from Next to OSX.  NeXTSTEP was an amazing thing to see
especially for when it came out (can you imagine what life might have been
like if Macs had been running something like OSX by '95?), but it never
occurred to any of us at the time to try running NeXTSTEP or OpenSTEP on our
Macs.  I don't know why really; it's an obvious thing to do once the
suggestion is made.  I'll be interested to read your progress if you care to
post anything more on this.  Who knows?  I might even have a go.


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