Ryan newtontalk at me.com
Thu Mar 25 22:20:09 EDT 2010


So I figured there would be some interest on the list.  I researched installing/emulating it on a modern Mac online and, as things go on the Internet, especially these days, it was a 'Safari'.  There's certainly a mess of information available about it.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get it to install using the available tutorials online for VMware.  You can also you other emulators. 

I tried to install it on a Mini under Snow Leopard several times, trying different things, but it would error out, or in some cases have a Kernel Panic. 

So I happened upon one site, and followed the instructions exactly.  It worked.  I would suggest anyone wanting to install these operating systems via an emulator on a modern machine use the instructions below.  For OS X, after you have it successfully installed, the other issue to install the color driver.  If you pan back in the archive, you will see a few things posted about it.  Apple has something available for download.  I have not yet managed to install it though, because I don't know how, yet.

Oh, and, I think the only thing not in this tutorial is that you have to select 'Free BSD' when you are setting up your new installation drive.  Also make sure the virtual drive is less than 2 GB to be safe.  Anymore than 2 GB and I do not think it will install.  With this in mind, and with following the below tutorial, I don't think you can miss.  Just do everything step by step in the tutorial.  Some things may seem counterintuitive, but any deviation and it likely won't work...


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