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May I ask, I never had the chance to try NextSTEP. Was it really that good a folks say?

On Mar 26, 2010, at 5:11 PM, G Y wrote:

> Back then you could not run NextSTEP or OpenStep on the Mac hardware.  Some of us tried and the CPU chipsets were different. Mac had their PowerPC and 68040/68030  CPUs. NeXTSTEP was available for (MIPS, SPARC, INTEL, and Motorola (if my memory serves me right)).
> That is why I needed to add two of the main boxes (Cube and Station) about 9 years ago to my Macintosh collection. Now if only I could get OpenStep 4.2 for Intel software.
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>> Hi Ryan, 
>> I only just saw this.  One of the guys in our Mac User Group did his degree
>> on something to do with operating systems, and NeXTSTEP figured largely in
>> one phase of his work.  As a consequence, a few years ago he ended up doing
>> a presentation on NeXT computers and their OS, with special reference to the
>> evolutionary trail from Next to OSX.  NeXTSTEP was an amazing thing to see
>> especially for when it came out (can you imagine what life might have been
>> like if Macs had been running something like OSX by '95?), but it never
>> occurred to any of us at the time to try running NeXTSTEP or OpenSTEP on our
>> Macs.  I don't know why really; it's an obvious thing to do once the
>> suggestion is made.  I'll be interested to read your progress if you care to
>> post anything more on this.  Who knows?  I might even have a go.
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