[NTLK] Lowendmac Article Newton and iPhone

graydelotte at bellsouth.net graydelotte at bellsouth.net
Mon Mar 29 20:12:54 EDT 2010

This is a quote out of an article on lowendmac which mentions the 
Newton. Would there be any chance of running a Newton application on 
a jailbroken iPhone?

The Register's Bill Ray reports:

"Palm OS obsessives StyleTap have created an iPhone emulator, but 
you'll have to give Cydia $50 and jailbreak your handset to run it.

"The legions of iPhone users desperate to run their Palm OS apps can 
finally relax, because StyleTap can now deliver all that Palm OS 
goodness to an iPhone. Users might even be able to run that NS Basic 
application originally developed for Apple's Newton...."


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