[NTLK] SMTP for Newted.org Now Working (+ Bonus)

R A Parker RAParker at Newted.ORG
Thu May 6 01:55:00 EDT 2010

OK... Something has magically fixed itself. I once reported that something weird with newted.org 's Dynamic DNS wasn't translating the SMTP Server (properly) for Mail V and my Newton.

Guess What? It's Fixed!

And, that's not all...

It's more reliable than any of the yahoo servers I've been trying to use, plus no SSL required. 

I recently switched from AT&T/SBC/Yahoo as my ISP to Charter. I've been having a heluva time trying to work with my new "restricted user rights" on the old SBC servers. No Need!

One more thing...

I used to have a hard time convincing Mail V and SBC to send long messages. I always had to fall back to GoFetch for sending longer messages. Not any more! 

Mail V and Newted.org 's server now work perfectly with each other, even on long messages. Happy Day!

So, as a celebration and proof of concept... here is a previously unpublished Lake Tahoe Hiking Newton story. Enjoy! I know I'm thrilled!

Ron A. Parker
Music Lover
Story Teller
Newton User

The "Lost in the Wilderness" Top 40
Originally Written April 4, 2005

So, there you are, stranded on some deserted shoreline. Only moments before, you were peacefully fishing from a small boat when (out of nowhere) a freak storm whipped up and slammed you against a coral reef. Your boat sank and you swam to shore in a miraculous struggle for your (very own) life, barely escaping from the jaws of a something you could only describe as "big." 

Upon reaching the shore, you take a moment to collect and inventory all the items that have washed up along with you. You believe in divine intervention because you discover that you still have your MP3 player and a solar powered battery charger... All conveniently stored in a waterproof pouch. 

O.K., scratch that. Let's be real.

You're hiking over the fourth mountain pass and you suddenly realize that you've taken the wrong trail...two days ago. You quickly accept the fact that you are lost, and that it may be sometime before you actually find your way back home. So, rather than panic, you hook the headphones up to your MP3 player, load a fresh battery and set the Play Mode to "Shuffle All" and "Repeat." 

What 40 songs would you want to have with you?

Without any further adieu, here is a list of the "Best of the Best" MP3 tracks, currently on my Hiking Newton's MP3 Player. You can consider this a Top 40 countdown of songs that I wouldn't want to be "Lost in the Wilderness" without.

Best New Album (I've Discovered)
	Luce (self titled)
	40	(Untitled)
	39	If I Had The Wind
	38	Waiting
	37	After Tomorrow
	36	Good Day
	35	Long Way Down
	34	Life
	33	Sunniest Of Weekends
	32	Electric Chair
	31	Numb
	30	In the Middle There	

Best New Artist discovered through a FREE iTMS Download
	29	Blue Merle - Every Ship Must Sail Away

Best Cut from a Roger Water's concept album
	28	Roger Waters - Who Needs Information

Best "Sad" Love Song distributed as a 'B' cut
	27	Toad The Wet Sprocket - All She Said	
Best New Love Song by a blues artist
	26	Jonny Lang - The One I Got

Best Female Vocalist singing a sexy, jazz tune
	25	Nina Simone - Feeling Good

Best Country Pop Song about friends around a campfire
	24	John Denver - Poems, Prayers and Promises

Best Thought Provoking Album from a British Pyschedelic band
	23	Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon

Best Thought Provoking Song produced by a Latin American group
	22	Los Lobos - Is This All There Is?

Best Thought Provoking Song co-produced by Latin American group and a RAP artist
	21	Santana - Put Your Lights On

Best Acid Jazz Song which was also covered by Santana
	20	Gato Barbieri - Europa

Best Song by Sting with a deep message
	19	Sting - Fragile

Best Jazz Cover of a Jimi Hendrix song
	18	Sting - Little Wing	

Best Gospel Vocalist singing backup vocals in a song by a 80's Pop artist
	17	Tears For Fears (with Oleta Adams) - Woman in Chains

Best Song about "Luck" from an Celtic folk band
	16	The Lash - The Lucky One

Best Song under two minutes by the Moody Blues
	15	Moody Blues - I never thought I live to be a hundred

Best Song under one minute by the Moody Blues
	14	Moody Blues - I never thought I live to be a million

Best Bob Dylan Song covered by a Female Vocalist
	13	Sertab - One More Cup of Coffee

Best Bob Dylan Song, covered by a legendary rock guitarist, with a hidden a message about the end of time. 
	12	Jimi Hendrix - All Along The Watchtower

Best Christian Song about denying Jesus
	11	Third Day - Can't Take the Pain

Best Song that uses a preacher in the background yelling, "You better wisen up!"
	10	A-ha - (Seemingly) Non-stop July
Best Don Henley Song with a message about Satan
	9	Don Henley - The Garden of Allah

Best RAP Song with a message about Satan
	8	Arrested Development - Washed Away

Best Alternative Artist with a disturbing message about death
	7	Dave Mathews - Gravedigger

Best Country/Folk Song with a message about running for your life
	6	Joe Ely - Ranches and Rivers

Best Christian Song about love from a Christian RAP artist
	5	DC Talk - Godsend

Best Christian Song about true love
	4	Bryan Duncan - Love Takes Time

Best Christian Song about loving life
	3	Church of Rhythm - Life Is Worth Fighting For

Best Christian Song about prayer
	2	PFR (Pray For Rain) - My Time

Best Christian Song about the Truth, Faith and Grace
	1	Rich Mullins - Creed

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