[NTLK] To give away - Macintosh Portable

Wright, Chris Chris.Wright at harpercollins.co.uk
Wed May 5 05:03:44 EDT 2010

Don't let anyone tell you different; although not portable in the modern
sense, they are still very usable pieces of kit. The battery is the
sticking point - it's lead-acid and heavy. If you have an original
Portable adapter it won't boot unless the battery holds a charge so you
have the following options:

1. Buy a slightly stronger adapter used on the early Powerbooks (can't
remember which models but this advice is all documented somewhere on the
interweb). These kickstart the Portable without needing a charged

2. Rebuild the battery so it functions as originally intended again. I
thought this would be difficult but in fact I was able to find a
lead-acid battery that fitted inside the battery casing in Maplins (UK
equivalent of Radio Shack). Now rebuilt I have a functioning backlit
model that can be used in the garden for 10-12 hours straight. The
screen is one of the best I've seen for straight text editing,
particularly in direct sunlight. Also fun for playing
Parenena(spelling?) and Scarab of Ra...!

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