[NTLK] MobileMe IMAP on Newton?

Josh Burker newt_talk at mac.com
Wed May 12 18:25:06 EDT 2010

On May 12, 2010, at 3:00 PM, newtontalk-request at newtontalk.net wrote:

> Trying to setup MobileMe email account on Newtwon 2100... i have the right account, right passwords still I get an AUTH error.. can anyone provide some insight?

Chris et al, here is how I have it set up on my Newton using Mail V and MobileMe (I have a .Mac account but it's the same either way).

In Owner Info go to the Add button and select E-Mail. Enter your MobileMe username and the password to your MobileMe account.

In your Owner Info, go to the Add button and select "E-Mail Access." In the Incoming tab I have my description as .Mac, the mail server as mail.mac.com and the Authentication as Password. The User name is the first part of my email address, excluding @mac.com, so in my case it is senorwences. I also have my password in there.

In the Outgoing tab I have selected in the E-Mail section the Email address I set up at the beginning. Under SMTP server I have smtp.ma.com:587 (because my ISP blocks port 25). Under Authentication I have Password, and again username senorwences and my password. 

This setup works on both my 2100 and eMate.

See also: http://marc.info/?l=newtontalk&m=125954191816671&w=2

Let me know if you have any questions.


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