[NTLK] Blinking emate display?

Ken Whitcomb ken at imageguild.com
Wed May 12 22:44:43 EDT 2010

Tomorrow marks two months since our house fire. Like any of us would  
experience, there were many Newton devices lost and damaged (100,000  
gallons of water put on and in the house).

So tonight, one of our daughters found a couple of her message pads  
and her eMate. They seemed to be pretty dried out, although in need of  
a good cleaning. When she plugged in the eMate, it seems to power up,  
but other than the charge light turning on, the only other symptom is  
that the display backlight will flash twice, pause, and repeat.

Does anyone else have any experience with water damaged Message Pads  
or eMates?



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