[NTLK] NewtonTalk Digest, Vol 8, Issue 11

DPROLDAN at telefonica.net DPROLDAN at telefonica.net
Thu May 13 04:04:48 EDT 2010

 The N2 documents have plenty of errors,  don´t trust them fully.

The DTR signal will not be used with the regular serial 
tool,  maybe that's why you don't see any activity on that pin.
to use the modem tool and check again.   Also,  there are commands to 
modify the status of that pin with the regular serial tool,  I had to 
use them for the stowaway driver.

  HTH, but let me know if you need more details.


> I am trying to communicate with the serial channel 3 on Newton.  I have
> referred to the N2 Newton Interconnect Designer's guide (n2-nidg) for the
> interconnect port and N2 Internal Serial Slot Designer's guide (n2-issdg)
> for the obvious. But I see some differences in signal description for serial
> channel 3's DTR line in the two documents. In the n2-nidg, the channel 3 DTR
> signal (ModemNotDTR) is labelled as input signal while in n2-issdg, it is
> labelled as output signal. Now, from common sense, it should be output. But
> is there a catch here? When I checked the interconnect signals on the CRO,
> DTR line doesn't show any activity when I try to transmit/receive on serial
> channel 3.

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