[NTLK] Apple acknowledges Newton (sorta)

Ross Deihm adventuresindining at gmail.com
Fri May 14 13:13:59 EDT 2010

Apple: now innovation free. Sheesh! Thanks for summing up all the problems
of developing on Apple portable products. Where did I put that copy of
Newton Basic?

> > So who is working on porting/updating the Einstein Newton Simulator to
> the iPhoneOS?
> It is not too difficult to do, but I have neither the time nor do I feel
> like signing up to get an Apple iPad developer ID ($200) which I need to
> develop Einstein, which then Apple will never allow in their App Store (no
> emulators, no code not originally written in "C++" or "Objective C", not to
> mention licensing issues with the ROM).
> It is much more likely that Einstein will pop up on Android or even Windows
> Mobile.
> Sorry,

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