[NTLK] Apple acknowledges Newton (sorta)

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Tue May 18 00:44:21 EDT 2010


--- On Mon, 5/17/10, Dennis B. Swaney <romad at aol.com> wrote:

> Electric is just simple on/off current flow as in the basic telegraph 
> which just used a mechanical switch to close and open a
> circuit to operate an electromagnet down the line.
> Electronics introduces things like amplification, filteration and other 
> specialty circuits using components such as diodes,
> triodes, chokes, resistors, capacitors, semiconductors, etc.

Another possible consideration in comparing the telegraph to email is that the telegraph, even in automated form, usually involved human intervention and/or transcription of some kind.  Until teleprinters came along, (relatively late in the telgraphy game) not many people received messages directly (with the exception of stock tickers, the antecedent of the teleprinter).


James Fraser

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