[NTLK] SSH client once again - sorry!

John Cochrane johnc33.lists+newtontalk at googlemail.com
Tue May 18 16:28:35 EDT 2010

Hey all,

I'm totally new to all things Newton (and of course, this list) having
recently purchased a nice condition original 2100. Short story to that
purchase is, that having been an Apple user and enthusiast since the
early '90s, I'm now finding myself seeking out and buying older and
older stuff (just for kicks!) including stuff I missed first time
around :-)

During the 2 to 3 week build up to my purchase, I read all about the
"thriving Newton community" and "wealth of Newton software" and on the
back of this, made one *huge* assumption... that being that an SSH
client existed.

Having searched meticulously through the wider 'net as well as the
archives of this list, I fear my assumption was not only incorrect but
quite possibly, never to come to fruition.

It seems to me that there are plenty of people out there that desire
an SSH client for Newton (in fact, it seems that the first ever post
to this list was in regard to an SSH client!) and this is evident by
way of the numerous posts where it is mentioned and requested.

I'm enthused about the possibilities of Newton wireless connectivity
(email, VNC etc) but, without security, I wouldn't even *dream* of
trying to use such services in the modern day internet! Even when
connected via WPA with my Powerbook, I always utilise SSH (and port
forwarding) for VNC, Screen Sharing, Email etc).

So, my question is not "does an SSH client exist" (seeing as it
clearly doesn't) but instead, what would it take to encourage the
(probably few) people with the expertise to code such a thing to
actually bite at the temptation to build something?

Are there likely candidates on this list? (Sadly, I'm not a programmer myself)

If not, where are they and how might they be contacted?

Is it a matter of funding or time? Or both?

Apologies if this is a very naive post but it seems to me that there
*must* be a way and that what is required is the will and the means.

Hopefully this will generate some interest out there and perhaps some replies.

Without an SSH client, I fear my 2100 may well end up on fleabay :-(



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