[NTLK] snow leopard ethernet

Bryan N Iotti ironsides.medvet at gmail.com
Wed May 19 04:07:27 EDT 2010

Uhm... I manage to connect fine but I'm not using ZeroConf... try entering the IP address of the Mac.

For this to work, you need to have the Dock TCP/IP option installed on the Newton.

Open Dock on the Newton. Select TCP/IP. Tap the Prefs button. Select the Manual Setting radio button. Enter the IP address, leave the port number as is.

On the Mac, check that no firewall is blocking the default Dock port, 3679.
Open NCX

On the Newton, tap connect and they should connect.

I suggest not using the ZeroConf option because I remember I had read the it had some issues and might not work properly. In my case, the manual setting works fine

Let me know if it works!

On May 18, 2010, at 18:29 , Woody Smith wrote:

> I've been attempting to assist one of our fellow members off list with  
> connecting his 2100 to Snow Leopard via ethernet and NCX.
> He is using WiFi and has his Newton properly set up.  He has connected  
> to a G3 running 10.3 and is able to see the Snow machine when using  
> Dock> ethernet> other computer but after selecting it the connection  
> fails?
> Any advice?
> Woody
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