[NTLK] MP2100 Greyscale Icons

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Thu May 20 05:40:07 EDT 2010

On 19.05.2010, at 23:18, J Caffiney wrote:

> Thank you very much for the links to the BinHexer information: it's a great
> resource.  The files include every image I remember seeing on my 2100
> *except* the icons I'm most interested in.  Those are the standard icons
> that appear in the default buttonbar:
>   - Extras
>   - InOut
>   - Names
>   - Dates
>   - Undo
>   - Find
>   - Assist
>   - TOC button and up/down arrows

I think they are all here:


> Ideally I'm interested in not just the default icons above but the
> almost-but-not-quite-negative greyscale icons that appear when the user
> clicks them with the stylus.

The negative images are calculated using the mask information. Those can not be extracted from the ROM. You need to use screen shots.

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