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> we Canadians could never hope to reach the greatness levels of, say, James
> Cameron, Peter Jennings, or Neil Young. All we have is dumb things like The
> Bare Naked Ladies.

Ooh.  Irony.  Nice.

You forgot Paul Gross, Oscar Peterson, Bryan Adams, Gordon Lightfoot, Jeff
Healey, Sarah McLachlin, Uzeb, the Hawks, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Rush
-- and I want to say Steppenwolf but I was never 100% sure about their

Also, a surprisingly good TV series called _War of the Worlds_ filmed in
Toronto (but bankrolled by the US, IIRC), and another equally good TV series
called _Nikita_ (aka _La Femme Nikita_), a great adaptation of Luc Besson's
film _Nikita_.  The Canadian adaptation was way better than the US attempts
to give us a saccharin-dipped cheerleader in the title rôle that ultimately
gave us _Alias_.  

And I'm too tired to dredge through my tired brain for more.  Anyway, just
my opinions.  


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